How to use this brokerage platform

A tutorial in 5 easy steps

Step 1 - Get clients

This is potentially the most difficult step and one that will build with your reputation. You will need to find people who own digital assets interested in selling them and who are too busy to handle the volume themselves.

Create client records in your account to track the people you've met.

Step 2 - Generate leads

Each client you make provide you with a unique link for each asset they own. View a client record to obtain this link. This link should be placed somewhere on the internet or in an email sent to clients.

If the asset is the domain name, then a link could be placed on to attract buyers to make inquiries. You may find other ways of distributing these links.

When a potential buyer navigates to the link, he or she will create an inquiry for you to handle. These inquiries appear in your inquiries view.

You can also create inquiries yourself should you obtain a lead via telephone or email.

Step 3 - Negotiate with the buyer

As a broker, you know your job is to mediate between buyer and owner to arrive at a price both parties can agree on.

Work your magic and turn as many deals as you can. The platform allows you to communicate with both parties within the course of the negotiation phase.

Step 4 - Close the deal

For successful negotiations, set up transactions with a trusted third party of your choice. A common service is where you can take a commission as part of the deal.

Work your magic and turn as many deals as you can.

Step 5 - Revisit failed negotiations

Deals can sometimes take months to close. Following up with inquiries when they go cold is an excellent way of re-igniting interest in the deal.

The platform can be configured to automatically follow up with buyers on your behalf in order to lessen the workload. For some buyers, however, a well-timed phone call can make all the difference.